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OK everybody. I know by now that most of you have heard what has been going on today. I am getting bombarded by messages and screen shots saying that certain members here have been in part trash talking members on the ULCM. I am only going to say this once. I am very upset by this kind of talk by our members as well as certain members on ULCM bashing us. I am personally insulted that we as adult ministers have to act like kids and bad mouthing each other. FIB was created to get away from all the drama over there . As of now any member and I mean everyone who I find out is continuing to trash talk others will be dismissed from this site. Remember, that outsiders can see what we post here. So I want you all to act like adults and knock off this garbage that I have had to read about today. If it takes banning everyone, so be it. I should not have to monitor your comments. Show more
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  • Pastor Taz
    Pastor Taz I shall reserve my comments for private communication.
    June 17, 2016