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Normally I would say Good Morning but it is not because of the constant comments being posted about me. I have posted a comment on the ULCM main page saying that I am going to be taking a break from the site before I say something I should not. Outsiders will read this and probably post it on the ULCM site but I am saying this for the last time here. Since we are public, they can read everything that is posted. There is to be no further posted comments of any kind regarding members on the ULCM on this site. If you have a question or problem private message me. They have posted my personal phone number for all to see because I had a text conversation with one of those members. Even when we post a comment in the admin group, it shows up here. I mean nothing should appear on this page but the normal conversations that we would say to each other everyday. Remember, we have a group to discuss problems but be aware that what is posted somewhere else will show up on this page. Thank tou for your time. Show more