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Good afternoon everybody  and  a Happy Friday to you. I have been busing this morning get my mom's bathroom already for when she come home Sunday. She has like a half bath in her master with just a 1 person shower. I am close to 300 pounds and I barely fit. Since she is unstable on her feet now, we are trying to make it as easy and safe for her to do her thing. I bought this real cool shower head from Amazon. It is actually 2 heads. 1 fixed but you change move it around and adjust the spray pattern. The other is a hand held one with the flex hose and spray adjustments. You have like 25 combinations with it. It also has a switch to use either head or both at once. The other thing I bought is a safety shower chair with removable back and arms. It is really nice. Finally I got her some special no slip memory foam 3 piece mat set.  Between those and the safety grab bars, we have the safest house in the neighborhood.  Anybody have any interesting plans for the weekend? Hope the weather is nice where you are? Have a great weekend everybody. Show more