Words to ponder

  • The following are some words to ponder.

    There is nothing more beautiful and rewarding for someone who has awakened to consciousness in love than bringing hope to those who have none. Bringing love to those today who believe that no one loves them, and sharing forgiveness to those who believe that there is no opportunity of forgiveness.

    Sometimes we try harder to give "material" and "physical" things, perhaps more than the "spiritual" and really durable things. Keep in mind that all material things have consequences and repercussions, as well as the fact that they come and go. All that material lasts for a very short time; it lasts only for a certain season and then passes.

    But spiritual goods are those that mark the depths of our hearts and give new meaning to our spirit. As I was saying, it is more rewarding for someone who has awakened to this consciousness not to "own the world" and do many things, but to know what they really need to give to their fellow human beings.

    The world needs hope, needs love; but more vital, it needs forgiveness, because without forgiveness, it cannot advance very far. Even though we are in a "materialistic" society and humanity is “unfair”, there are still people who want to change the course of history and change lives. They want to help those that think they have everything they need, but need more.

    Those who think they are lacking, sometimes have what is really important and can help others stand on their own. If today you consider yourself a loving person, think hard about what you offer to humanity and the world. Let us keep in mind that there are values that make the difference between those who have had an illuminating experience and those who just say they believe in faith.

    So remember that the Holy Bible teaches us to be the light and salt of the earth. To those who believe that death and despair reign and to those who have regrets, we should give the true meaning of being and remaining in faith from our sincerity. If we draw water from a stone, could we not draw water from our lives and that of others as well?