Daily Battles

  • Daily Battles

    I have spiritual battles on a daily basis, sometimes I win, sometimes I loose or learn my lesson the first time.

    Growing up it was hard for me to belong, I had to learn that family wasn't always about who is first or last and that some people called you a friend just to be politically correct and laughed as soon as you turned your back.

    I was always in the outside looking for something I could call my own, I was the wannabe, the outcast, the weirdo, I guess that hasn't change much but now I just want to be a human with spirit. My parents used to tell me to speak with kindness and help others find their path in this harsh world and of people's thinking.

    In this day and age, there's no need for you to feel alone and rejected like I used to feel, there are many people like you, mixed bloods, tree huggers, spiritualists, etc.

    People who are truly spiritual will not care how you look on the outside, there's no judgement when love is what we live and feel. Be kind with your words and actions and whatever you choose to be or do, always be mindful of others, how you make them feel is how they are going to remember you.