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    This group is open to all and accepts good music and funny posts
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    I just wanted to create this group to let the members have a free discussion on what makes us good and not hurtful or vengeful. I would like to get your thoughts on past and present experiences we are all going through with certain members at ULCM. Feel free to express yourselves because this vigilante trash talking that they are posting makes us look bad and our reputation as an enjoyable place will stall out and we will never grow.  Let's ...
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    This group is where we can come to comment about the current events going on arournd the world. I know we all have our own views and hope this group could be a place to express them. We can be more open then on the open Main page but we still need to keep civility in our discussions . I hope that by having this group, we can release pent up tension built up inside us all.
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    This is a closed group except for the Admins. This is where we will discuss the various functions to run this Website