Different horizons may hold different views

  • Take the time to read this dialogue and think of what it is all about. You will be surprised.

    Different horizons may hold different views.

    Once upon a time there was an old monk who was well versed. The art of the mind can subdue the ape and the horse, so the name is decided.

    One day, the old monk was called the apprentices. Set up a cage to open up the heart-to-heart Sutra," and set out principles: "Anyone who can match the heart".

    "Not only did the men of the sutras give them five hundred coppers, they were able to go into the temple and eat the best food for their living", the highest level of meditation.

    From morning till evening on account of good conditions, there are indeed quite a few people who have gone up to the stage, but all have lost the battle.

    The old monk, look at the sunset. I was just thinking of going back to the temple when I saw an old woman in shabby clothes with her hands. She came up to the ring carrying some rotten shoes.

    The monk said with contempt on the platform "You come to the right heart?"

    The old woman said, "I can't afford to buy food!" That's all we have to do. Thus, a monk and a common custom begin to think of the Book of the mind.

    The old monk pointed his finger at himself! The old woman pointed her finger at her own foot, and the first round was right of the Inland Revenue Ordinance

    Then the old monk touched his stomach. Pee, she slapped herself on the butt.

    He held out five fingers. She showed them. Give me eight fingers.

    His left hand is skewed downward. Her right hand. Lift it up.

    After four rounds, you'll see if you're old enough. "How wonderful!" said Shang, pleasantly. Wonderful! Please!"

    That's it. Old lady's being welcomed into the temple. In this room, you can eat a good meal and stay in a good guest room and get 500 a bounty on copper.

    It's the old monk's idea for the old lady. Almost to the point of admiration for his talent.

    Teacher, Madam!@ asked his apprentice. How is your mother's heart?"

    He said, "Oh, my! You can't look, you can't measure the sea. My heart is in her. I'm so sorry".

    The old monk explained it to the young monk.

    I said, @A blue sky above my head;
    She said: "Put your feet on the ground.

    I said, "A full stomach of sutras;
    She said: "Stay in the lotus."

    I said, "Ko Fu five carts;
    She said: "I'm only pregnant.

    I said, "Please go to heaven."
    She said, "Down with Tarzan.

    Oh, that's amazing!

    Therefore, the apprentices are also to the old wives. Don't dare to be careless, but serve more attentively.

    But I can't help but wonder, disciple B: Old woman: "How can you match my master's heart? "Is it the sutras?"

    The old woman said, "Why are you sleepy?" It's hard!

    He asked, "Are you a mended hat?"
    I said: I'm a shoe mender.

    He asked, "Is it with the belly of an ox?" Where's the patch?
    I said, "With the skin of an ox's ass." Yes.

    He added: "Fix a pair of shoes to five." Is copper all right?
    I said, "No, it's eight coppers".

    At last he thought eight coppers were too expensive. Tell me to go.
    I was so hungry at the time. He raised his hand and tried to hit him. As the saying goes, "Ghosts are afraid to fight, so..."

    The old lady's not finished, monk. They were already laughing their heads off...

    It's a move, too, because of old age. The monk is different from the old woman's mind, different views and different horizons. So both ideas and ideas are different.

    By the way, it's the same thing in the world. One thing, the same thing, is that each person's thinking is different, knowledge is different. Different perspectives, different backgrounds, different positions, and different perspectives make it impossible to agree.

    And man is the most stubborn animal. It is right to like to stick to one's own opinions and force others to disagree. Yes, sir.

    So, based on delusional recognition. No, there's no truth in the world, based on self-subjective obsession. Right and wrong.

    It doesn't work out the same way. The same thing.

    If your life is in [money]. For the center, you'll live a hard life.

    If you live your life with [children]. For the center, you'll be 'tired'

    If your life is in [love]. For the center, you'll live a lot of pain.

    If your life is in [climbing]. For the center, you'll live a hard life.

    If your life is [forgiveness]. For the center, you'll live a happy life.

    If your life is [to be contented]. For the center, you'll live a happy life of the center.

    If your life is in [gratitude]. For the center, you'll live 'happy life.

    There are two ways to go.
    One is [must go].
    One is [wants to go].

    You have to take [have to go] the way, Nice walk.
    be able to take [take] the road, It's great.

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