Verse of the day - Romans 11:33

  • Oh, the depth and riches of the wisdom and the knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out. Romans 11:33

    God's plan to save us is incredible. His blueprints for the creation of our universe are beyond our imagining. He is so rich in wisdom and knowledge. What else can we do but go to him and ask him to open our minds to his work and his will in our lives.

    As human beings observe history and events in the universe nothing may make sense because they look at these things from a limited human viewpoint. It is impossible to see God’s purpose in history without revelation. God’s viewpoint cannot fit into the mold of man’s viewpoint.

    The reason God’s “ways” cannot be fully investigated is that they are “past finding out.” It is impossible to trace what God does in the universe and beyond. Mankind is confined to limited investigation when it comes to God.

    “Past finding out” is from one Greek word referring to footprints that are untraceable. A hunter follows the track of an animal’s footprints. When it comes to an exhaustive tracking of what God is doing in the world it is impossible. We cannot fully discover the ramifications of an absolute, transcendent God who is infinite. We have to trust Him to reveal a portion of Himself.

    It is impossible to understand all of God’s “ways.” As long as man is finite he will never be able to comprehend the infinite and eternal God. Finite man cannot fully comprehend how God works in the world; God’s ways are inscrutable.

    God’s “ways” refers to the methods by which He puts His purpose into effect. “Judgments” are God’s decisions about the universe but “ways” refer to the path His judgments take. Judgments cannot be searched to their end. Neither can finite man scrutinize fully the direction of what He allows to happen in the universe. We can know some things (1 Co 2:9-10) but not everything. We would need to be infinite to do that.

    God does not deal with man on an equal basis because finite people are not absolute. However, from eternity and from His viewpoint He dealt with man in every sequence or situation man may face. In any situation within God’s creation He never finds Himself on the horns of a dilemma.

    God determined that He would interact in one fell swoop with man giving him freedom to make decisions under His superintendence (concursus). However, God’s purpose, will and plan determines the framework of how He deals with people. God was free to decree or not decree in one situation or another. God and man are not equals on the same level. He allows us to function under His overall plan by a system of permissions; He decreed free will. God keeps everything on track to fulfill His ultimate purpose for creation.

    We can trace what God is doing in the world to a degree but this is only possible through the Holy Spirit’s illuminating His Word and world for us.

    Precious and Almighty Father, thank you for reawakening me each spring to the power of your sustaining presence in the world, but even more in my life. Bless me today as I seek to put you first in all I do. In Jesus name I pray.